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“We are only one mistake at a young age from having it all taken away from us or losing everything we worked so hard to build. Or worst come to worst, being in between those yellow-taped lines,” Towns said. “We understand how precious and how important this moment is. For both of us to be Black men, me not only being Black but Afro Latino, we really understand that this moment is not supposed to happen for us. And we got to make the most of it to show the young generation that this is possible. It is possible to keep your morals and values, be a professional in all of this and not lose yourself. And to not follow the trends, but show the world what it is to be a good human being.”

The 2021 trade deadline has yet to be finalized. The deadline is typically in early February, a week or two before the All-Star break, but this season's deadline will occur after March 3. That is the date when free agents who signed with their own teams for greater than a 20% increase from the previous season can be traded. -- Royce YoungWashington Wizards Face Masks 

For these two Timberwolves who have developed a kinship, it has been important for them to use their NBA platforms even when it’s been most uncomfortable this year.Charlotte Hornets Face Masks

In a memo sent to teams by the NBA Monday morning, the league laid out resting policies for the 2020-21 regular season -- including granting significant flexibility to teams resting players in non-nationally televised games, particularly at the start of the season.New York Knicks Face Masks

Another untapped area of potential, especially alongside Wall, should come in transition. Last year, Detroit’s offensive possessions were second-longest in the league, while Houston’s were second-shortest, according to Second Spectrum. When Harden isn’t on the floor, Houston can either put the ball in Wall’s hands and hit the gas or let Wood have a go of it himself. In the few instances when he actually went coast-to-coast after grabbing a defensive rebound, the outcomes were enough to make you check your blood pressure.

The team did not say whether the positive tests involved players, staff or some combination of the two. Portland is scheduled to open its preseason slate at home Friday against Sacramento, a game that -- for now -- is set to be televised nationally on ESPN.Orlando Magic Face Masks

Irving and James played together from 2014 to 2017, making it to three straight Finals and winning it all in 2016. They became the first pair of teammates to each score 40 points in a Finals game as they led the Cavs back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors