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NEW YORK -- Dick Kaegel, who covered the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals and edited The Sporting News during a career of more than 53 years, has won the Hall of Fame's J.G. Taylor Spink Award for meritorious contributions to baseball writing. He will be honored during induction weekend from July 23-26 in Cooperstown, New York.Colorado Rockies Face Masks
Facemasks for football helmets are made from three materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Carbon steel is the heaviest of the materials and generally costs the least. Titanium, on the other hand, is lightweight, extremely durable, and far and away from the most expensive. Stainless steel falls in the middle, being of average weight and moderately priced. All three rank high in terms of durability. The determining choices for most tend to be the weight of the mask and its cost. Texas Rangers Face Masks

Kurkjian: The biggest splash at the winter meetings was made in 2000 in Dallas by the hometown Rangers, with owner Tom Hicks leading the way. The Rangers signed free-agent shortstop Alex Rodriguez to a record contract worth $240 million, twice as much as any team had offered. It was a stunning amount of money back then. Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, set up in the hotel lobby, and explained every line of the contract to all who wanted to listen. Rodriguez had three brilliant years in Texas, with a combined OPS of 1.030. He finished sixth, second and first in the MVP balloting. He won two Gold Gloves. But the day of the deal, a member of the Rangers told me, "He's great, but this was a bad signing. We don't have any money left for anyone else." Indeed. The Rangers went 216-270 in Rodriguez's three years, finishing in fourth place each year in the American League West, a combined total of 99 games out of first place. On the final day of the meetings, an ice storm of biblical proportions clobbered the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Was it a sign of things to come?

Barta said he joined from the Dallas airport, as he was flying home from the third CFP rankings meeting in Grapevine, Texas. He said he had to leave the call a little early, but "knew where it was headed" and had listened to almost all of it. All 14 athletic directors and Warren were on the call, according to Barta. He declined to say what the vote count was.

Instead of crowding into the lobby of the Omni Dallas Hotel and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, where the 2020 winter meetings were scheduled to be held this week, the gatherings will be held virtually. That leaves our collection of baseball reporters to recall winter meetings past, including their favorite blockbuster deals and rumors, moments they'll never forget, what they'll miss (and what they won't) with the meetings being held through computer screens and their favorite untold tales from the lobby.
Following the summer of games played without fans in the stands, the Phillies recently became the latest team to execute front-office layoffs, reportedly letting go of 80 employees. Middleton noted that there has been a $100 million injection of capital into the team's operations to strengthen its financial position.Atlanta Braves Face Masks

Dick Allen, who won the National League Rookie of the Year award in 1964, will have his No. 15 jersey retired by the Philadelphia Phillies on Sept. 3 at Citizens Bank Park. BETTMANN/CONTRIBUTOR
“Any Black hurts his people if he is other than abjectly, supinely, hand-licking grateful for having been allowed to earn a decent living,” Curt Flood, a contemporary of Allen’s, wrote in his autobiography.Cincinnati Reds Face Masks