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The NCAA enforcement staff confirmed that Funes "arranged employment beginning in 2012 for the parents of a then football student-athlete and paid the father $180,000 during 2012-17 for a no-show job."Houston Astros Face Coverings
Dick Allen endured a rocky relationship with the Philadelphia Phillies, the fans and the media during his playing career. BETTMANN / CONTRIBUTOR
Many Phillies fans were quick to accept Thomas’ version of events. ALLEN LANDS FIRST PUNCH, blared a headline in the Philadelphia Bulletin, labeling Allen as the aggressor.

"We're trying to double down on (preventing) high-risk close contacts during game day," NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills said on Tuesday. "Our No. 1 priority is the health and safety of everyone involved," Sills added. "We want to be as safe as possible and that's why we go through the detailed exercise of contact tracing. That's why we go through the detailed exercise of identifying high-risk contacts. We continue to consider that every one of our 32 clubs are vulnerable to infection every single day we're in business, just like all of us are in the country right now and we have to be extremely vigilant in the measures that we know right now mitigate risks."

"Coach [Tom] Allen and I are proud of this team and the success we have had so far this season," Hoosiers athletic director Scott Dolson said in a statement. "We are one of only two teams in the country with three Top-25 victories and have matched a program record for Big Ten wins. Although we understand the conference's decision, we are disappointed. From the start of the year, we have said we can only control what we can control. We had a chance to earn our spot in the Big Ten Championship Game, but ultimately fell a touchdown short on the road against a great Ohio State team. We look forward to resuming activities and completing one of the best seasons in our school's history."New York Mets Face Coverings

Doolittle: This is personal and speaks to the fact that I'm a walking bag of personality disorders. You've heard the term "fanboy," right? Whatever the opposite of that term is, that's me. If I encounter someone whom I don't know but hold in high esteem, I cannot bring myself to acknowledge that person, no matter what he or she has meant to me as a person, a writer, a baseball journalist, whatever. I have never once in my life asked a person for an autograph. I'm not proud of this.Colorado Rockies Face Coverings

That night, on April 17, 1963, the 21-year-old Allen would be making his debut for the Arkansas Travelers, the Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate. In doing so he would be breaking the minor league team’s color barrier, a prospect that enraged a local white supremacist group that led the protest outside Travelers Field.Detroit Tigers Face Coverings

Rogers: It doesn't sound like a big deal now, but when the Yankees inked Winfield to that 10-year contract in 1980, it shocked the sports world. The concept of free agency was still in its infancy and players simply weren't getting mammoth deals back then -- though it was worth only $23 million. Winfield was fine for them, but the Yankees didn't win anything during his tenure in New York.