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Irving hasn't received a vote for MVP, let alone won the award, since he was traded to the Boston Celtics in 2017. Hampered by injuries, he has played in nine postseason games in his past three campaigns -- spent with Boston and Brooklyn -- after competing in 52 playoff games in his three seasons with James.Charlotte Hornets Face Masks

"I've been in situations before where it was a holdout, and we just kind of handled each individual situation on its own merit and individually," Silas said. "As far as any sort of punishment, we haven't even crossed that bridge yet. We're just trying to work piece by piece."

"It's going to be a lot of pressure because we did get the memos, and one of the things that was on there was if your kids have games during this time, we can't attend it," Kentavious Caldwell-Pope said. "That's going to be hard for guys that like supporting their kids in basketball and anything else that they do outside of their home."

“As crazy as it is to say, change is happening. So much change is happening,” Russell said. “It may not look like it. But everywhere we’ve been, everywhere I’ve been, everything I see on social media, it’s a continuous fight. That is all you can ask for right now is continue to keep fighting and raise awareness to that when you have the platform to do so.”

The NBA has not announced any disciplinary action due to Harden's violations of the league's COVID-19 protocols, which require players to quarantine except for essential activities and team-sanctioned workouts and forbid players from attending parties and clubs.Phoenix Suns Face Masks

"In a decisive and momentum-shifting Game 5 of the NBA playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks fell to the LA Clippers, allowing a record scoring night in the loss.
Just when it seems the series was just beginning to get even more interesting the Dallas Mavericks collapsed and the momentum shifted back in favor of the LA Clippers in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

The Clippers came full force Tuesday night and refused to let their foot off the gas in an absolute throttling of the Mavs in Game five.

Prior to Tuesday’s loss, in which Dallas gave up 154 points, the most points the Mavs allowed in a playoff game were: 1) 137 points against the Sacramento Kings on May 10, 2003, 2) 134 points against the LA Lakers on April 28, 1984, and 3) 133 points against the LA Clippers in Game 4 of this series on Sunday night. It also ties for the largest playoff loss in franchise history at 43 points, which happened at the hand of the LA Lakers on April 28, 1984, at Staples Center.

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

In fairness, the Clippers had a historic night on the offensive end, being the first team in NBA history to score 150+ points on 60+ percent from the field and 60+ percent from 3-pt range in a playoff game. They also set multiple franchise records: most threes in a playoff game (22), most field goals in a playoff game (53), highest field goal percentage in a playoff game (63.1 percent) and their biggest playoff win (43 points).

Though this was just a blip on the radar on social media once video surfaced of Clippers’ Marcus Morris Sr. appearing to purposely step on the injured ankle of Luka Doncic."Los Angeles Lakers Face Masks

Towns and Russell, who first met when they played against each other in high school, were selected first and second, respectively, in the 2015 NBA draft by the Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers. Early in their careers, the two bonded like brothers despite playing in different cities.New Orleans Pelicans Face Masks