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While the NBA expects positive COVID-19 cases throughout the 2020-21 season, league sources told ESPN there isn't a specific number of positive cases or a precise scenario that could cause a game to be canceled or postponed.[url=]Memphis Grizzlies Face Masks[/url]

LOS ANGELES -- LeBron James says that the most satisfying part of the two-year, $85 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers that he signed last week isn't the money. It isn't the fact that it assures him 20 seasons in the NBA. It isn't the pride in knowing that he has worked hard enough to stay on top of his game that a team wants to compensate him so well as he reaches his late 30s.[url=]Oklahoma City Thunder Face Masks[/url]

"I know you guys can analyze the salary-cap sheet and look at what decisions might be in the future, but for what we have right now, I love where we're at," Curry said. "I love the fact that we have enough pieces, enough talent and enough experience to surprise a lot of people this year and try to compete at the top of the West, see what happens."

"I hope there is a basketball solution to this rather than a legal one," Warren LeGarie, a prominent agent for coaches -- including Mike D'Antoni (69) and Alvin Gentry (66), then the head coaches of the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans -- told ESPN in July.[url=]Orlando Magic Face Masks[/url]

The result was a mutually beneficial three-year, $41 million deal that doubled as a defiant, desperate signal to the rest of the NBA: The Rockets still want to win. It’s ambitious by design, intended to prolong one successful era or start fresh with something new. But even as Harden publicly circulates his wish to play for the Brooklyn Nets, Houston must be hoping that the addition will eventually change his mind.
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